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Recruitment of key people

We support companies and organisations when they appoint senior managers, board members or recruit other key people. The in-depth background check is often a complement to the work that the recruitment company does and provides a comprehensive survey of the candidate based on events in the person's background.


The in-depth review highlights relevant events in the candidate's history. It can be anything from criminal cases and excessive performance to bankruptcy, questionable tax planning and inappropriate behaviour. Look Closer's review also helps to provide a deeper and more nuanced picture of the individual, for example the extent to which he or she is prepared to take risks.


We primarily use public documents and other open sources and, if necessary, we supplement the review with discreet inquiries.


Look Closer's review in connection with recruitment is largely similar to the work we perform in acquisitions and strategic partnerships. As with acquisitions and political appointments, the work takes place under great discretion as it is often crucial that information is not leaked before the recruitment is publicly announced.

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We carry out in-depth background checks in connection with companies appointing senior managers, external board members or other key people. 

Our review in connection with the recruitment of a key person provides a more nuanced picture of the individual and gives our client the opportunity to assess the total risk.

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