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Investigations & Asset searches

We offer asset searches and other types of investigations to examine a specific issue or suspicion. We get to the bottom of what has happened and can then verify or dismiss the information.


We use the same in-depth methods as in an Integrity Due Diligence  but while a background check usually are unprejudiced, investigations often have a concrete starting point or hypothesis. This can be anything from an employee or supplier engaging in fraudulent activities to suspicions of plagiarism or theft of intellectual property.


Look Closer uses a wide range of open sources in combination with the client's own source material, such as e-mail logs, invoices, and other financial information. If there are suspicions that someone has been living beyond their means, we report assets in the form of houses, boats, or securities. The results of our investigations often provide a company's internal auditor and management team with the information required to determine whether to open a case, file a police report, or dismiss the suspicions altogether.

We regularly support law firms with asset searches and litigation support. We carry out extensive and detailed surveys of assets, in Sweden and abroad, in connection with civil or tort cases. We use both open sources and discreet inquiries with individuals close to the person under investigation. The evidence we produce is of high quality and meets high legal requirements in order to serve as admissible evidence in a trial or dispute.

Pirate copies

A client suspected that a subcontractor was copying the company's products. Look Closer was able to confirm the suspicion by securing photographs from inside the subcontractor's factory.

Industrial espionage

A client suspected that a senior manager was selling sensitive information. Two teams from Look Closer followed the person for several days. They were able to document the manager in a meeting with one of the company's competitors and confirm that industrial espionage had taken place. The client was able to intervene and limit the damage.

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