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Acquisitions & Strategic partnerships

We carry out in-depth background checks of key people prior to acquisitions and strategic partnerships. Integrity Due Diligence creates peace of mind and minimises risks, resulting in better business decisions.


Human capital is a company’s most important asset - as well as the biggest risk. A high-ranking person who has been involved in crime, acted inappropriately, or otherwise shown poor judgment can harm both the company and its stakeholders. Undisclosed details about a leading decision-maker’s background therefore constitute great risk. Traditionally, due diligence prior to acquisitions and strategic partnerships centres on companies financial and legal history - important perspectives, but insufficient when assessing a transaction’s total risk. By examining the people who control and ultimately are responsible for a company's operations and decision-making, we provide our clients a more comprehensive picture.

Look Closer is a leading advisor in Integrity Due Diligence. For over 20 years, we have supported owners and management teams during corporate acquisitions, key recruitments, and strategic partnerships. Our investigations provide a detailed picture of the background of the relevant individuals and create peace of mind in connection with an acquisition or strategic partnership.

Our in-depth background checks differ significantly from the standardised and automated checks available elsewhere on the market. We go in-depth, utilising a selection of open sources to paint a better picture of a person's background both in Sweden and abroad. If necessary, we also supplement the open source-analysis with discreet inquiries to people with insight into the key person's or company's history.


We uncover the important details

Unlike most other providers, we don’t limit ourselves to checklists or cursory searches in digital and criminal databases, which can lead to a false sense of security. Every investigation we conduct is tailored to the individual. Facts from one source often lead to additional information in another. Through a deep understanding of the principles of public access and public administration, our specialists and partners know where to look - both in Sweden and abroad.

We go further back in time

Many authorities only store information digitally for a limited time. These electronic archives are continuously culled, but the information is saved in physical format. In addition, experienced managers and business leaders often have a longer professional life behind them. Therefore, we go far back in time to identify all significant events and circumstances. We regularly analyse information and documents from both physical document archives and microfilm.

We paint a more nuanced picture

People are complex and both positive and negative events from our past can generate valuable experiences. A criminal conviction, bankruptcy, or media scandal don’t necessarily mean that a company acquisition or partnership should be aborted. The picture that our investigations reveal is rarely black or white. We highlight and analyse events from a person's life and thus paint a more nuanced picture. Our clients then have the opportunity to discuss the findings with the person in question and make an overall assessment based on those conversations.

Discreet enquiries

In order to supplement our review of open sources, we also carry out discreet inquiries when warranted. This involves involves interviewing sources who have worked close to the key person to get as comprehensive a picture as possible.

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