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Litigation support

At Look Closer we  provide comprehensive litigation support. Our services are designed to equip our clients with the necessary tools to navigate complex legal challenges effectively.

Background Checks: Central to any legal proceeding or negotiation, our background checks are thorough investigations into the personal and professional histories of individuals and entities. We meticulously verify identities, credentials, and histories, providing a detailed dossier that encompasses everything from educational qualifications to litigation records. Our due diligence processes are rigorous, adhering strictly to legal and ethical standards to deliver insights that are not only informative but entirely actionable.

Network Mapping: Understanding the relationships and connections that bind entities can often provide the crucial edge in legal strategies. At Look Closer, we deploy sophisticated analytical tools to unearth these connections, offering visual and analytical representations that reveal underlying structures and hidden links. Whether it's a complex corporate hierarchy or a subtle association between entities, our network mapping provides a clear, strategic view that can be crucial in litigation, compliance, and risk management.


Asset Searches: When the stakes involve financial judgments or settlements, knowing the full scope of an adversary's assets is paramount. Our asset search service is exhaustive, encompassing tangible assets like real estate and vehicles to intangible ones such as bank accounts and business interests. Regardless of where these assets are hidden—be it offshore accounts or tangled in corporate veils—we have the expertise and technology to locate them, ensuring that our clients can claim what is rightfully theirs or protect their financial interests.


Choosing Look Closer means opting for a partner who values discretion, insists on precision, and commits to the highest standards of service. Our team is composed of seasoned professionals who understand the nuances of legal frameworks and leverage their expertise to craft tailored solutions for each client.

"Knowledge itself is power" - Sir Francis Bacon

Pirate copies

A client suspected that a subcontractor was copying the company's products. Look Closer was able to confirm the suspicion by securing photographs from inside the subcontractor's factory.

Industrial espionage

A client suspected that a senior manager was selling sensitive information. Two teams from Look Closer followed the person for several days. They were able to document the manager in a meeting with one of the company's competitors and confirm that industrial espionage had taken place. The client was able to intervene and limit the damage.

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